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Sponge Bob can teach us a lot about Meditation!

Meditation and Guided Imagery/Qi Gong Healing Daily Exercise

Humanity in Harmony is extended between Heaven and earth...

Remember you are not solid, we are made of dazzling lights! When we open our bodies, minds, hearts, spirits to a beautiful abundant flow of Divine Healing light coupled with the electromagnetic healing energy from the 'Mother' earth..we can reconstitute our physical bodies and deeper healing arises. One that it's all about receiving and you are sponge bob absorbing the ocean water and pumping are absorbing the Divine light and pumping up with the Light! 

Feel the roots extend from your feet into the ground..taking deep breaths...the acupuncture point is called Bubbling Spring on the sole of your feet (aptly named) and breath deeply into your belly..feeling your connection to the earth. Receiving from the energetic roots you are have extended and are aware of...up into your feet... from those roots ...inhale again and feel your connection to the Mother Earth energy. Invite the electromagnetic energy from the earth up through your feet...into your ankles, as your ankles fill with healing light flows upward through your muscles tendons ligaments to your knees, then hips then Tantien...your energetic core beneath your belly...filling with energy...filling with vital chi...your reserves. 

Then, invite the Heavenly  light to open from a light about 15 feet above your head...inviting the heavenly lights to open and flow thru your crown energy center...Pray to the angels, to the the One, the Universal Love....Jesus, the Prophets, inviting the healing blue light of protection and restoration into your cells...protecting and healing all levels of your sacred being. Breathing and receiving from the divine light...ask for healing and reversal of all illness  imagine inviting the light deep into your mind, your heart, your organs, diaphragm...all of your cells of your body down to your DNA! Let the energy absorb into your basal ganglia...inviting the good healthy cells to revitalize and the unhealthy cells to come alive again...then filling up with dazzling healing lights...nourishing your mind, your heart, muscles, tendons. Feel the peaceful stillness...the deep relaxation and letting go...feel motherly love from the earth and healing energy....feel your muscles surrounding the area relax. loosen your belly and abdomen.  Relax breath deeply and move deeper and deeper into peace and receiving!

Do this exercise at least 3 times per day for more from 15 minutes to an hour! It's OK to fall asleep if your body needs rest...just set your intention to continue to receive ! :)

It is also wonderful to invite a loved one to do this with you at times!

Some people even use their imaginations after a while to imagine swimming with dolphins or traveling thru and absorbing every color of the rainbow. ..but the most important aspects are above.  If your mind gets bored...its OK to play around a bit..or even journal an inspiration or a stress that arises...just lovingly come back to your body, the light and your breath!:)

Also a mantra or chant can be helpful...we did a variety of chants...Ya Shafee is the Invocation of the Divine Healing Light....and Astalkfirallah is the return back to the Divine or Universe what no longer serves us.  To open to receive the healing lights.  Ya the deep Divine Love...great for instilling a vibration of Love, a powerful form of healing energy.  

Have a Beautiful weekend!


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