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Energetic Reconstruction Therapy ©

Blending her unique skillset, Leah has created the term ‘Energetic Reconstruction Therapy' © to reference a new therapy which focuses on healing the root of disease by re-establishing our bodies energetic, spiritual, and physical blueprint - The blueprint you were born with that underlies your physiology.


You CAN Achieve:


Physical Healing and Vitality

Greater Happiness

Pain Management

Deeper Peace

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Increased Energy

Emotional Healing and Empowerment

Trauma Recovery

Mind~Body~Spirit Healing

Optimal Living and Wellness

Freedom from Bad Habits

Richer and deeper Relationships

The life of your Dreams

Increased Health And Vitality


"I am stunned and humbled by the innate healing potential of each and every client...Our bodies are miracles of aliveness...ever desiring to thrive and be in balance. "

- Leah

Many of us silently suffer and think we must live the rest of our lives in tremendous pain and suffering.  Although it is true that, as the Buddha said in the First Nobel Truth: 'life is suffering' it is not true that we need to lose hope!

At Complementary Healing For Everyone we will help you rediscover your body's innate healing potential, reclaim your vitality and strength as well as discover a deep and abiding peace from which you may live from a place of integration and healing.


Complementary Healing For Everyone employs a unique approach of restorative healing that facilitates deep wellsprings of energy and vitality, peace and harmony, stress alleviation and manifesting your optimal destiny.


We blend several synergistic healing modalities:


Combined with Leah's innate ability to sense, 'see', and manipulate Qi... These systems weave together to create one effective methodology called:

"Energetic Reconstruction Therapy ©"

that helps to alleviate energetic, emotional and spiritual challenges by aiding the restoration of your body's natural energetic blueprint.

This principle allows for your 'bioelectricity' to flow properly throughout the body. Bioelectricity provides the stimulus that supports all processes in your body. Without this electrical flow, you could not survive. Bioelectricity is your lifeforce and instrumental in healing the body.


Illness manifests when the flow of this energy is impinged, and your body's systems, hormones, organs, etc. are not given the vital lifeforce they need to thrive in a healthy way.


Often, there is an underlying bioelectrical imbalance in every health condition and by re-estabilishing proper levels and flows of this current through the body, a person begins the journey to recovery.


Bio-electricity is not a new age concept. Rather, it is a known biological scientific phenonomina that exists naturally in every living thing. Everything in our body is powered by it, including all of our cells and tissues.


Studies have shown that bioelectricity can significantly impact diseases of all types.  Currently Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Center are conducting a study on the efficacy of Tong Ren Therapy in healing illness.

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