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Our Unique Approach

"Each Individual is a rare blend of physiology, spirituality, and intellect.  Viewing a person from a place of wholeness opens the door to realizing their specific underlying causes of disharmony leading to a melody of energetic healing that synchronizes on a molecular level revitalizing cells and reversing the manifestation of imbalance that leads to disease."  
- Leah Savage, M.AC, M.Div

The Path to Wellness

As we navigate through life, we will inevitably encounter a setback, a conflict, an illness, or the illness of a loved one. In search of a solution, we each embark on a journey of discovery - navigating the path to wellness.

Initially, our path may seem overwhelming, fearful, frustrating, and lonely, but with the right approach and support, this journey can also be energizing, exciting, relaxing, nurturing and loving!   There is always a silver lining!


Relationships with families and friends grow richer.  Wisdom, knowledge, and new strength forms. Compassion blossoms, and deeper trust in ourselves and our bodies builds with time and healing.  It is a process of 'becoming'... of transformation, education, wisdom and empowerment.


Complementary Healing for Everyone provides a guiding light and nurturing container for your evolution and healing journey.


We Get to the Root

We Listen intently and make YOUR needs our FIRST priority...Your first session is comprehensive and lengthy.


You will feel heard, valued, and respected.


Our goal is to get to the ROOT of your illness, unearthing the underlying causes of the symptoms of 'Dis-ease' and 'Dis-Harmony' in your body.


Leah’s intense empathy and innate ability to sense the energy flows in your body allow her to inspire, facilitate, and guide deep healing of the whole person.

We Treat the WHOLE Person

Drawing from a wide array of tools and techniques mastered over 25 years of training and experience, Leah tailors a treatment plan designed to bring about profound health, peace, and vibrant wellness at all levels of your being.


These methods enliven and rebalance your body’s own inherent vitality, promoting deep, multi-level healing - retraining your body’s cellular vibrations and enabling your energy system to move from a state of imbalance and dis-ease to greater homeostasis (balance).  


"You CAN heal! You are more amazing and powerful than you can imagine!"

Ongoing Support

Complementary Healing For Everyone's mission is to help and support you in every way possible as you heal.  Hand in hand, we provide a comprehensive support system that promotes relaxation and peace, while building and strengthening your body's own powerful immune response.


In addition to a comprehensive evaluation and initial treatment, we provide:

  • Energetic analysis, education about your body and the disease process

  • A Plan for your ongoing care, along with an estimated timeline

  • A specific protocol for you to use at home in between sessions, including lifestyle & mindset coaching, nutrition and herbal suggestions, and practical tools to use each day on your journey to healing

  • Ongoing workshops and support groups - a community where you can receive support along the road to vitality and health.

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