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Remote Healing - Coronavirus

Remote Healing can be more effective than in-person healing!

"Leah saved my life! I am grateful beyond words!" 

A distance healing client in California that had several mini heart attacks Leah was able to feel in her energy field.  The client was in her late 70's and had no knowledge of her heart conditions. The doctors diagnosed her with mitral valve prolapse in addition to the heart attacks but they were unable to fit her into surgery for three months during Covid.  Working together, Leah was able to help her client heal through finding the root images and energy vibrations and correcting them emotionally, physically and spiritually. In three months she was completely cured and her mitral valve prolapse was healing. 

 Qi Gong and Sufi Healing are powerful techniques that can create a deep healing on the subatomic level of our bodies.   Like Reiki only many more years of study and practice, these methodologies harness the Universal light that underlies all cells and atoms in our bodies.  Illness creates a low level cellular vibration, and these powerful healing modalities correct those vibrations allowing the body to create healthy cells which replace unhealthy cells.  Thus the body heals from the deepest core components outward to gross anatomy.  Through a process of  remote distance healing Telehealth visits, via phone or Zoom video conferencing, your body can heal in an amazing way! Please contact me for more information!

I am offering Acupuncture without Needles sessions including Oriental diagnosis, herbal suggestions, and Energy Healing .  This will inspire deeper healing, restore, and balance during this time. . 

I am also offering a unique and powerful form of Asian Healing and Restoration...called Medical Qi Gong.  

Medical Qi Gong is a term used to describe the ancient art of chi, or vital life force cultivation used to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit...enhancing the immune system, deeply relaxing the body, and balancing our organs, systems, meridians, and acupuncture points.  I am both a practitioner and teacher of Medical Qi Gong.... having treated over a thousand cases ranging from cancer, major chronic illnesses from Lyme and Lupus  to anxiety, depression, allergies, joint pain, muscle tension and tears...and also flight or fight responses and general deep relaxation and restoration.


I may weave into sessions Herbal and Dietary counseling, Tong Ren Therapy, Reiki, Guided Imagery or Medical Hypnotherapy, Sufi healing, spiritual healing, and  emotional counseling as needed.

Distant healing can often be a stronger form of healing as the energy is more concentrated without the physical body getting in the way.  I can partner with you in these times of stress and anxiety to bring more balance, peace and healing to your world.  My clients report that distant healing is often more relaxing than a full body massage! 

Some examples:

A client presented with pneumonia, headache and body weakness.  By the end of our session she was able to breathe deeply into both lungs with no congestion or pain.  She felt deeply relaxed, peaceful and free of discomfort.  I also offered her herbal and dietary advice to address and support her immune system.

An 86 year old remote healing client came to me with sciatica radiating down her right side. During the healing session we opened to the healing light and energy, inviting the chi into the places of constriction, tension and pain. Tense areas released, the healing light enveloped the nerve, vertebrae and foramen with beautiful healing energy and the pain was completely released. 


A young man with chronic anxiety, dealing with a stressful job and family situation and struggling with chronic illness.  I was able to work with him remotely - emotionally, spiritually, energetically, to return him to a state of stability and balance and joy in his life.

After three months of distance healing work with a woman who struggled with depression for 20 years, combined with suggested herbal therapy, she was able to make a full recovery.

A patient was having their lung removed due to cancer.  I performed remote healing on them, cauterizing the blood vessels and minimizing internal bleeding. This made it possible to remove the lung without involving the heart, and shortened the patient's hospital stay to one week.

A patient couldn't leave her house due to extreme sensitivities to chemicals (cleaning products, perfumes, etc.).  I was able to perform remote healing that completely changed her brain chemistry, removing the extreme sensitivity.  I also worked with the emotional fear response. She was able to make a complete recovery.


Spiritual & Emotional Health Leads to Physical Health

Fear and stress have been consistently demonstrated to lower the body's immune response.  It's so important to stay centered and stress-free during these uncertain times.  A peaceful mind and spirit creates a healthy body. I can work with you remotely to align and strengthen your body's natural defenses, reduce your anxiety, and promote healing, helping your body and mind to return to it's natural state of peace and strength!

Remote sessions will fill up quickly.  Please contact me immediately via text (see below) to schedule your session!

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