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Leah's Sufi name 'Rifqa' means

Love, Mercy, Compassion


Please scroll down to read more in depth details about Leah's educational journey as well as to watch a video with a live interview and interview with clients!



As a young girl, Leah experienced a profound mystical experience that resulted in her deep belief in the Divine, as well as enhanced abilities of sensing and seeing illness and energy in the body. These experiences shaped her life path and led her on her own journey of Discovery!

At 12 years of age, the asthma Leah inherited from her parents was at a peak.  Preventing her from playing sports, and other activities, doctors prescribed several experimental asthma medications.  This caused stomach upset and Leah began to refuse to take her medication.  At a flee market, she found a book on healing with hypnosis. At her young age, she took everything literally. Soon, she was working diligently on feeling her lungs, her bronchioles, breathing into her asthma attacks and inviting light and healing energy in to every nook and cranny. Shortly, Leah noticed a gradual lessening of her symptoms and after one year, she was a-symptomatic, experiencing no more symptoms. 

By the time Leah was in college in Washington DC, she was a very healthy young woman. However, before her first set of exams, she developed a flu-like illness which required hospitalization. While in the hospital, in 1990, Leah contracted a super bacterial infection that was antibiotic resistant and often fatal. This was a lifechanging event as you can imagine! And set Leah on a exploration of alternative healing options. A combination of Oriental Medicine, spiritual healing, radical dietary changes, meditation, tai chi, created a profound transformation within Leah. And despite her fatal diagnosis, she not only survived but thrived! She became the healer she is today from that one event so long ago. Life has a way of shaping us, and often if we can find the silver lining within a tragic or challenging experience, our lives shift in truly remarkable and  profound ways!

How can Leah Help you?

Specializing in the connection between the mind, body, and spirit healing, Leah has been studying and practicing the art of health and wellness for over 30 years.


 A lifelong learner, she has relentlessly studied and mastered a wide variety of complementary healing methods.


With an innate ability to perceive, sense, and see energy or 'Qi', Leah facilitates the process of harnessing the universal life force within each person leading to the restoration and repair of the body, reducing illness recovery time and increasing overall energy, vitality, and wellbeing.


Leah has a unique ability to empathize with each person who comes to her for healing. Very supportive and attentive, Leah has healed deeply from many illnesses. one of which was an 'incurable' antibiotic resistant super bacteria. She understands well the ups and downs of healing from both an emotional as well as energetic perspective.  Leah provides a safe harbor of love and healing for all of her clients.


By understanding the deep root cause of dis-ease, Leah works to bring her client's body back into homeostasis, harmony and healing. Leah evaluates and teaches specific tailored healing exercises for each client and educates her clients to achieve optimal sustainable wellbeing.  She excavates the roots of illness, shedding light on the subconscious hidden beliefs and images, unhealthy energy patterns, and molecular disharmony within the DNA.  Additionally she works to balance the bioelectricity, biomagnetism within the body and organs, as well as the physical manifestations of injury, disease, joint systems, pituitary, hypothyroid, amygdala, vestibular systems to balance and correct physiological imbalance.  Her clients remark that Leah is a natural teacher - she excels at client education, coaching each client on the best most effective ways to maximize the therapeutic healing value of their sessions performing effective hands on manipulation as well as healing.


Additionally, Leah is an interfaith Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Nottingham Community Church.  With a passion for writing and teaching workshops, she has published numerous articles in magazines like the Boston Globe, among others.  Teaching is a passion...Leah loves sharing her knowledge and leading workshops and seminars.  She Loves creating Art, Music, Meditation, Prayer, the beautiful outdoors.  Reilly, the office manager and therapy dog, is a favorite addition at the office.  Look for his big white fluffy goldendoodle tail leading the way to your room! In her free time, Leah can often be found in nature or with her family.

Leah's Story

Leah was diagnosed with a rare and often fatal antibiotic resistant super-bacteria in 1990, at the age of 19. When conventional therapies failed to heal, Leah dedicated her life to the study of various forms of health care practices.  Ultimately, Leah made a full recovery and attributes her success to Oriental Medicine, Qi Gong, and a deep spiritual partnership.


During the time of her illness, Leah met and became assistant and student to the late Dr. Jing N. Wu, internationally recognized Acupuncturist based in Washington, DC. It was here that Leah received her initial training in Acupuncture, spending four years in apprenticeship training. Leah completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Fine Art, a combination that assists her in synthesizing the science, art, and nature inherent in healing.


While studying in DC, Leah had a wonderful opportunity to assist NIH-The National Institutes of Health - with studies regarding the efficacy of Acupuncture for stroke patients. As primary editor for English translations of acupuncture manuscripts for a college in Beijing, China, Leah learned many useful and less known Acupuncture techniques.


During her seven years in DC, Leah went on to study Biofeedback, Meditation, and Intuitive Energy Healing. She took seminars with Caroline Myss, Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Larry Dossy, M.D.

Leah has continued her education and experience in ever expanding ways, see below for her experience and qualifications.


Leah's Experience & Qualifications

  • As a Certified Oriental Bodywork Therapist since 1996, AOBTA, Leah has combined over 1500 hours of training in Jin Shin Do Acupressure with Iona Teeguarden, M.A. and completed her Acupressure certification from The Oriental Arts Center with Jon Frase. Additionally she studied Muscular Therapy in Boston, MA. 


  • Leah is trained in Oriental Massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Muscular Therapy and Sotai.  Leah has over three thousand hours of combined study at both a four year program at the New England School of Acupuncture (where she earned a second Masters Degree in Chinese Acupuncture), as well as the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture where she learned healing through Emotional Balancing, Five Element Diagnosis. Leah is trained in Shinkiko Acupuncture without needles, finger needle technique, Cupping and Press Needle, Gua Sha, and both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture without needles. Leah completed a 4 year apprenticeship program with the late Dr. Jing N. Wu in Washington DC. 


  • Leah has performed Extensive Acupuncture Internships at hospitals throughout the Boston Area. She has treated patients at Boston Medical Center, Roxbury Community Center, Malden Hospital, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Winchester Hospital-and Lynn Community Elder Care Center.


  • Currently working at the Tam Center for Healing, since 2009, Leah studies with renowned healer, Acupuncturist, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Master, Tom Tam in Boston, MA where she became a certified 'Tong Ren Therapist'. Leah practices and studies Tai Chi and Qi Gong healing.


  • Leah is a Reiki Master, Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong Instructor, and is trained in Therapeutic Touch.

  • Leah has taken seminars at the Muscular Therapy Institute where she learned both Swedish Massage as well as Muscular Therapy Massage and Rehabilitation.

  • As a CranioSacral Therapist since 1998, Leah works with the subtle rhythms of her clients bodies, helping to establish a deep 'still point' of relaxation, as well as to re-align the bodies tissues and organ rhythms. These gentle movements unlock stored physical and emotional tension, relieve pain, and create a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing, stimulating the immune system and improving health.

  • Training in Shadhilliyya Sufism with Shayk Muhammad Al Jamal, and Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, DD, since 2004, Leah is a Master Sufi Healer and Teacher An-Naqib. Leah can help her clients, regardless of faith or belief, learn to heal from the ancient spiritual practice/art of developing an ability to open to the 'lights' of the 'divine' love within one's heart. This transformative way of healing develops an intimate relationship with one's Divinity. Sufism is a very powerful and fascinating form of complete healing of the mind, body and well as creating a vast reserve of underlying peace and tranquility.


  • Leah studied Divinity and Ministry/Counseling/Healing for four years, and in 2009 received her Master's Degree in Divinity from The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism. Leah is also an Interfaith Minister ordained by Rabbi Frank of the Peoples Church in Miami, Florida.

  • Combining studies at Boston University in Social Work, with studies as a InterFaith Non- Denominational Minister as well as ongoing study of Non-Violent Communication, Leah works successfully with couples and families to strengthen and re-create their relationships.  Opening their hearts to deeper love and understanding, building trust and compassion and finding a balance and evolving peace at home.



  • Leah is a trained Hypnotherapist since 1997. She works with her clients to create positive mental imagery that can have a profound impact on the regulation of hormones, as well as other biological functions. These Techniques powerfully assist the body in many forms of healing including post and pre-surgery prep, Hypnobirthing,  Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction and Relaxation, among others.


  • Trained as a personal Coach since 1999 by the International Coaching Federation, Leah is well equip to assist her clients in achieving their dreams and goals in both health, and life.  Leah has studied extensively with Tony Robbins, in all areas of motivation including Health and Wellness, Relationship, Motivation, Financial Freedom. Additionally she has studied business development with Marie Forleo, workshops and seminars with Danielle Lesley, as well as Selena Soo.

A Personal Message from Leah

Hello!  Welcome to Complementary Healing For Everyone!

If you are visiting this site today...there is a good chance you are seeking something more in your life… Perhaps an increase in creating more abundance,..transforming 'Dis-ease' into Vibrant Health and Wellbeing,  or Learning how to Thrive and Heal a Chronic Illness. Perhaps you are a caregiver looking for support, knowledge and next steps for healing your loved one...or you are in need of greater Vitality and wellness, deeper sleep, less stress, more Energy... greater experiences of Joy, Creativity, Wonder, a desire for embracing Trust and Conquering Fear...opening to more Love and Peace in your Life, Marriage, Family... to  Adventure or to manifest your Deeper Spiritual Purpose and Destiny…


Maybe you don't know quite what you are needing or yearning for...but there is a deep desire for something more... something intangible, something as of yet unimaginable and waiting to be born.


Embracing a new Journey in Wellness can be a fun, poignant, hopeful and often exciting...a powerful  step in manifesting your life's dream.


I hear you, I can help you and I relate through my own direct experience.


I feel so blessed to have the opportunity each day to aid and inspire people along their unique healing journey! It is an honor and incredible joy to co-create such beautiful relationships with my clients. Each day I wake up with a sense of purpose and happiness knowing that my knowledge and experience can help another person’s life be more magical and enlivened than they had previously imagined!


Working in the Health and Wellness industry has been a phenomenal experience providing a rich life journey into many paradigms leading to personal knowledge, discovery, wisdom and healing.


These enriching opportunities are made even more so by the degree to which they can be directly applied to help facilitate the deep healing of individuals, children, couples, and, yes, even animals!


Working with Mind-Body-Spirit Therapies, the style of Healing I offer immediately reduces stress, enhances motivation, increases energy and vitality-- unleashing creativity and ingenuity and helping heal the body in an unexpectedly deep way-- touching the heart of the illness and facilitating a multi-layered approach to healing.


Manifesting your optimal potential for a vital and rich life.You will feel enriched, enlivened, and empowered. An investment in yourself lasts forever!

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