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Comforting Hands

"Leah Savage saved my life. I was suffering tremendously from crippling Lyme Disease, and within 5 months, I could walk with minimal pain, I could exercise and walk up 200 stairs, I am even going  to  go hunting again. It's a miracle...she is my angel."

~Dick Chronic Lyme Disease

"I have had several session with Leah, Owner of Complementary Healing, and found her to be a remarkable healer. Leah uses her vast knowledge of healing modalities together with her spiritual insight and gifts to work on the physical, emotional, spiritual healing of each client.  She works to bring the most complete healing on all levels at each session.  For example, in my healing with Leah I have received acupressure, bone setting, craniosacral healing, herbal prescriptions, targeted bodywork therapy, counseling, and spiritual healing through prayer. Leah's intuition and ability to see or perceive core issues is remarkable, as is the intensity of the energy I felt coming from her hands during the sessions. One healing with Leah is like receiving multiple healings from different types of practitioners. For those wanting to explore healing on all levels, I highly recommend putting yourself in Leah's healing hands.  She is a compassionate healer with remarkable levels of education, insight and spiritual gifts. "

~Michael Quigley, J.D.

"I have been seeing Leah for massage and bodywork therapy about every three weeks for well over ten years. I started massage in 1981 for a back issue.  I have been to dozens of therapists over the past 40+ years, Leah, by far, knows the body better than any therapist I have ever seen. Her techniques are awesome and she repeatedly seeks my input on how I am doing and if she is meeting my needs.  Additionally, I cannot think of an appointment where she has not shown me an exercise or suggested a nutrient to improve my health.  Lastly, Leah is an extremely nice person.  We chat about multiple things.  I think of her as a friend as much as a tremendous healer.  Don't think twice about making an appointment with Leah!"

~Roland Cote, Portsmouth, NH

"My Baby's Temperature was 105 degrees he was sick with a high fever and virus.  His fever  dropped down to 102 degrees in less than twenty minutes...after that he even began crawling around and playing again! It was such a relief."


- Jasmine, Baby Owen 10 months

"I have been seeing Leah since the fall of 2021 and she has provided great healing services and relief for my back, heart, body, mind, and spirit! Her suggestions for supplements have been very beneficial for my heart and immune systems! She will enrich your life!

~Sincerely, Peter White, Nottingham, NH


I came to see Leah after sustaining a work related neck injury I had for two weeks. Within only one treatment, the pain vanished and never returned. I couldn't believe how good I felt and how relaxed I felt leaving her office."


- Rich, Acute Neck Injury



"Amazing, Incredible, Wow! It was like a bio-electrical energetic liquid candy blanket. Like a magic carpet ride, so intense that I couldn't even talk during the session. My body was flooded in light, like a thick energetic blanket around my body--I've never seen anything like it, and it is the most powerful healing I've ever received."


- Sandra, Severe Chemical Sensitivities Homebound for 10 years. After one more  distant healing session, Sandra improved 90%

"We had tried traditional counseling for years, without much result. Complementary Healing For Everyone was unlike traditional therapy. We learned how to open our hearts to each other, a concept we had not heard of before. The process led to a depth of understanding and insight, as well as a newfound respect for each other as the unique individuals that we are. We were able to communicate with more empathy and love! Thank you Leah!


- Stephany and Joe

"It was so relaxing, I felt literally waves of light up and down my body, like I was submerged in a warm lake and then the pain was gone."


- Pat, Chronic Nerve Damage in Feet

"I am very grateful for Leah...I have seen three or four other counselors and I like her therapy much better than anyone else I've seen in the past!"


- Tiffany,  family illness/stress/Trauma

"The results are incredible...after the first session my Frozen Shoulder increased Range of Motion was 30%...after only 5 treatments I have  recovered almost all of my full range of motion. The doctors are very impressed, as they told me it would take at least 12 months minimum to achieve this kind of recovery. Leah's treatments are extremely unique I have never been to a healing session like it...and are also very relaxing...I feel like I am in heaven and float out of the room." 

- Tom, Frozen Shoulder

"I have been suffering with Plantar Fasciaitis for several years now. I work on my feet all day and my condition makes work difficult and painful. I was referred to Leah by my chiropractor and have had excellent results. I felt immediate relief and over time my condition resolved. The combination of treatment Leah offers treats the underlying issues of pain and inflammation as well as addressing the muscles and tendons. I was amazed! And very grateful. I highly recommend her!'


- Michael, Plantar Fasciaitis

"It is my good fortune that Leah Savage is connected to our family. A family member has overwhelming complications from Lyme Disease and was previously misdiagnosed for a very long time...experiencing side affects that are very painful.  Leah weaves together a unique approach that involves so many forms of healing including advocacy, Sufi healing, Heart-Centered Counseling, acupressure, (without needles), and a lyme diet and body work therapy, for all the pains and side effects that accompany this horrific disease. I could go on and on about Leah’s commitment and compassion and how much she has helped my child as well as the family in understanding, supporting and helping to alleviate the symptoms as well as helping to find and accompany to naturopathic doctors, to other health professionals when needed…and give us hope about the future.

It is a scary disease and the knowledge that Leah has is so reassuring, she is wise beyond her years. I cannot imagine handling this problem without Leah Savage being there for us. She has what all of us need, a caregiver with a caring heart." 


- Sheryl Berker, Mother of child with Chronic Lyme Disease

"Leah has been treating a close family member for chronic Lyme Disease.  My direct experience with Leah came from being in a family meeting with the goal of helping us all understand the many facets  of Lyme Disease, the terrible toll it takes on the body and how it impacts the patient emotionally and psychologically. Because of Leah’s extensive expertise with Lyme Disease; and her profession training in non violent communication, she was able to facilitate the meeting so that each participant  felt listened to, supported and validated. She handled potentially explosive discussions so skillfully that everyone felt safe to speak their truth. Leah Savage is an extraordinarily gifted alternative health care provider and healer. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

- Suzanne London

"Leah's style is to give everything that she has to her patients.  She will go out of her way, as she has so many times for me.  If you are looking for a lawyer who bills you for every minute, or a restaurant that only holds your seat for a period of time, Leah would not fair well there.  If you are looking for a compassionate healer, who consistently strives to do what is best for you, and gives 100%, then you are lucky to have found Leah.  Leah has worked with me, and helped me in numerous ways, too many to count here.   Leah is kind to a fault.  She has been very successful in my case, and in many others, and is always there to do whatever she can. I feel very profoundly fortunate that I have found and worked with Leah.  I will continue to recommend her."


- Susan B.

"I have been going to Leah since last summer and I would highly recommend her services. It's not always easy to get an appointment quickly because she's so busy, but it's worth the wait. Once you are a patient, she fits you in even on her off hours if there is an emergency! I have done Medical Bodywork Therapy massage, acupuncture without needles, energy work, and counseling with her, and I think she is awesome. Everyone I have referred to her agrees. I'm going in for a session this Thursday and I can't wait! Thanks Leah!"

- Sarah Trainer.

"I have had several healing sessions over many years with Leah and Complimentary Healing. All of my experiences have been very positive. My experience is that Leah is a gifted healer who is able to hold people and their issues in a loving and non judgmental way. As a patient this allowed me to be honest and vulnerable as well as gain trust that in doing so would lead to a greater awareness of my issue and heal old patterns. In particular I had an acupuncture without needles, or acupressure, session that helped open and heal my heart. It was rather amazing to walk in to her office and feel rather closed off and walk out feeling totally grounded and open-hearted. But what is truly unique is that Leah is gifted in many different modalities, including Oriental massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and spiritual healing. This allows for sessions to be custom tailored to what is needed most in each session. Leah exudes a loving, positive attitude. She is a pro and I am glad I found her..."

- Jim Gould

"What a caring practitioner!  Leah created a very healing experience in my sessions...she was so compassionate and very calming.  She has a wealth of mental health and spiritual knowledge, which she compassionately tailored to my session as it was helpful.  She also did needle-less acupuncture, which was a really, really relieving experience.  Leah is wonderful at 'holding the space' for the people she works with...I know that I felt completely comfortable and at ease to say or express whatever needed expressing.  I highly recommend her service to anyone looking for help or healing!"

- Tiffany Dunyan

"Leah is an amazing healer...she has helped me heal from sciatica, and loose over 50 pounds.  I was walking with a cane before I saw Leah, and now I am participating  in  triathalons...the resualts are amazing. She is an angel on earth, and I hightly recommend her."

- Hatti

Leah Savage has been instrumental in helping me avoid knee surgery and walk without pain.  She has such a soothing voice that  during the session I literally feel all the negativity seeping out of me!  Leah has a special kind of touch...I have been around the block at 80 years young and have not experienced this kind of healing before.  Give her a try! You won't be disappointed!


Leah is a wonderful distance healer.  I approached her because I was having chronic anxiety and difficult family issues.  In the first session Leah felt something was off with my heart muscle and encouraged me to check it out.  It turned out I had three mini heart attacks! My mitral valve was collapsed and I needed surgery. Due to high volume I was unable to be seen for three months. During that time, I worked weekly with Leah.  I was so grateful and amazed when, after doing all of my 'homework' she assigned me as well as healing 

emotionally and mitral valve opened back up! the doctors thought it was a miracle. They could not believe it and neither could I. I highly recommend her!


"Leah Savage of Complementary Healthcare Is by far one of The most incredible people I have ever met.
I Have been coming to her for over fifteen years off and on for sessions and for teachings. My original reason for coming to her was for treatment...I was diagnosed With Hodgkin's Lymphoma. One area that I like about Her healing style, is that she is able to connect to my body and work out the energetic blockages that have been with me for many years. 


She also has a way to remove these blocks  at  both the physical and spiritual levels, which are buried deep within the physical body and spiritual body. Leah is also able to reduce and heal pain In my neck, head, legs, back ,and shoulders.  She completely re-aligns the body. Leah helped motivate me to completely change my diet and transform my nutritional beliefs.


Today, I am cancer free.


Leah also helps me tremendously with my family situation, and with my business decisions by removing lots of emotional issues that had been with me for years. The great thing is she really knows, and has many resources, on how to do the job.

She redirected my diet and which helps me tremendously with my metabolism and weight loss. All of this  definitely contributed to re-balancing my entire body ...which made me comfortable again in every -day living and in helping me become a better person.  Leah was the only person who was able to detect the signs of chronic lyme disease and point me on a correct diagnosis and path of healing.  Otherwise, I might not have survived as I was extremely sick.


Leah is also a great teacher and great coach regarding life situations which includes counseling as well. I'm grateful to he also for helping me become a reflexologist. She encouraged and inspired me towards my dreams.  And most importantly I am thankful for Leah in helping me get my life back. Thank you Leah!  


I wish everyone could experience what Leah has to offer. My life, it totally transformed. I was the biggest skeptic when I first began... now I tell everyone about what I experience."


- Paul Mariani, Cancer Survivor

"This was incredible. I normally don't open up to anyone and I was able to open up to Leah on an extremely deep emotional level. I have never received a healing like it--she talked me through deep pain and anguish, while placing her hands on areas of my body. When the treatment was over, I felt relaxation for the first time in literally years and I felt that all things in life were again possible."


- Marie, Chronic Stress and Anxiety

What do you say to a person who has saved your life??? How can you possibly thank them??? I remember the day I came to see you for the first time, it was just 3 weeks ago. I was very sick very scared and very skeptical. I felt like the lyme and all the other illnesses the lyme has caused had finally taken such a toll on me that there was nobody that could help me.

Over the past 6 years, I've seen at least 30 doctors of all different kinds ranging from neurologists to gastroenterologists and that doesn't even count the lyme doctors. I've seen several different holistic centers and nutritional centers and spent money on so many drinks and powders and supplements that I literally have had to sell my soul to pay for. I put trust in so many people that I had to out of desperation when I truly didn't think they deserved it but I was weak and sick and would do anything to try to get on my feet again for my kids. I missed them so much thats all I ever thought about. The guilt of not being their mom for all those years was killing me.

I was not only in serious physical pain but emotionally I was falling apart too. In fact I believed I was going to die. I was so sick I could barely get out of bed anymore. I tried so hard to fight for my kids but at that point I felt no matter how hard I fought I wasn't getting anywhere. I couldn't ever see a healthy me and I was so scared. I prayed constantly and cried constantly and my wonderful husband was always there for the kids thank God while I just existed. No spark of happiness left inside me....not even a trace, except the enormous love for my children and husband and huge longing to get better. I felt completely defeated after years of a battle of giving it everything I've got on a daily basis. I could barely lift my head off the pillow and my intestines were a mess. I truly felt I my days were few.

That's when I called my life insurance company and decided I wanted to talk to them about my policy . My agent came over and he is a super nice guy and knows my situation with the lyme disease and gave me your card and credentials on your letterhead with a list of your services. I finally met you because I thought I was going to die and the funny part is I feel more alive than I could ever imagine possible! It's only been 3 weeks and I feel so good and strong and healthy compared to how I walked in to your office. In fact, I actually went to the gym today and walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes...I actually could have kept going but I was afraid to overdue it because I had more plans for the day.

I know there must be a reason why I didn't get to find you sooner but I sure wish I could have. I can only imagine all the beautiful things I could have been doing all these years. I guess I will just have them all to look forward to now thanks to you. You are a beautiful person Leah for devoting your life to helping people who are so sick like me. You have definitely been blessed with healing hands like I've never experienced before. I am grateful with my whole heart and soul and my family loves having me back ....I never want to go there again! You are my angel Leah!!!!

- Michelle

Dr Endorsements

Medical Professional Endorsements

"Leah is a deeply compassionate, loving, sincere, honest and insightful individual. Professionally she has counseled difficult patients and applied a multi-diciplinary approach to healing that has been extremely effective and benefical for her clients. Personally I have worked together with her on a number of difficult patients including those with cancer and other severe psychological and physical illness. She has excellent perception of the significant issues that are operating in difficult situations and displays a good understanding of how to resolve those issues. I highly recommend her. "

- Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

"I've never seen anything like this kind of healing. The patient had virtually no blood loss and incredible speedy recovery. It's like a miracle." 

This testimonial follows a pneumonectomy, lung removal, and throat surgery.  In all previous cases the doctors  need to perform a blood transfusion. In this case, the bioelectricity formed a barrier and cauterized the blood vessels surrounding the lung. No blood transfusion was needed. Additionally, the recovery time was cut in half.

- Kathy, RN, Brigham and Women's Hospital

"I have been seeing Leah for about 5 weeks now my results are nothing but amazing! I have a knee injury that she's been treating and the only way I can describe it is amazing! She really cares! A great young Lady!



“Leah's knowledge and skills are of the highest quality and at best are present in only a handful of individuals throughout the country. You will not be disappointed, one treatment and you will be aware of the special talents and abilities Leah possesses to heal both injuries and other medical conditions. She has helped me immensely, when no one else could.”


- John Paul Gallagher, PHD, CCEMT-P

“Leah is an incredibly compassionate, honorable, altruistic and kind person.  During her sessions she reaches beyond a clients physical ailments, to a deeper place of quantum healing.  Leah works on the subatomic level as well as the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of our body. She is able to transform the root of illness into improved states of health and wellness leaving her client feeling a sense of peace and improved wellbeing. Leah’s perception is unique and powerful.  She picks up on the subtle physical and emotional imbalances which contribute to disease.  Leah forms a strong therapeutic partnership with her clients contributing to her success as a healer.”

~Dr. Paul, MD

Peer Endorsements

“I have known Leah for about fifteen years now. Leah is an outstanding healer in every way. She has both an excellent knowledge of Chinese medicine and spiritual level healing as well as great wisdom and compassion for whatever the patient is going through. Over the years I have had the pleasure to work directly with Leah, and I heartily endorse her. "


- Dr. Tyme Gigliotti, D.Ac., L.Ac. - Licensed Acupuncturist

“Leah is a uniquely gifted healer, one of only a handful in the country. She possesses an intuitive ability to see right through to the very core of an issue, meticulously providing a depth and clarity in presentation that creates a space for deep, deep healing to take place on every level. In a few sessions, she can provide life-changing results that could otherwise take years of arduous work with conventional methods. Thank you, Leah. You are a true gift to us all. Take your chance! You'll be happy you did.


- John H, NYC

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