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Patterned Behavioral Responses

All of us grow up in a conditioned world of our own making. From birth, we immediately absorb the information in our environments in order to survive. As we experience life, we develop lenses and patterned perspectives...preconceived ideas based on our unique life events...that we view our world from. This pattern forms along complex neurological pathways in our brain which cause us to react to each other in instinctual, automatic ways. Therefore, We each 'see' our own personal universe differently.


As we come together as a couple we are merging our two paradigms together. Of course there may be trouble!

Learning how to accept each other's innate reactions allows us to open to greater trust and willingness to see the possibility of creating deep healing and connection by bringing love, compassion and non-judgment to our automatic, gut reactions.

As we learn how to create a respectful, insightful container of compassion for ourselves and our loved ones, we learn a type of wisdom which allows for the freedom of expression of those patterned beliefs that leads to deep healing and resolution verses separation and anger. We can gradually transform our level of communication to bridge seemingly unresolvable differences. Reigniting love, tenderness, authentic communication and trust, to name a few!


Take a Journey into a New and Exciting way of Relating!

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