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Steps to Deepening Connection

1. Learn how to deepen the connection to yourself first. Through techniques, exercises and concepts designed to teach you how to deeply know and respect yourself, your needs, your feelings, and your body, you'll learn the subtle clues your body and mind produce that lets you know it's time to take action and empower yourself.

2. Learn how to develop an inner sanctuary where you can find a constant source of renewal and peace. Here, you can draw upon an endless reserve of support and restoration.

3. Learn how to connect with your partner from a place of love and deep peace. Building bridges and creating steps to unity, a couple will renew and enliven their original connection.

4. Learn how to speak with a deep awareness of desires and goals that originate in the 'heart'. Learn how to speak to others from the 'heart' and learn how to listen to others from the 'heart'. These techniques can be applied to your partner, children, family, friends and colleagues.

5. Learn how to identify and assume responsibility for your feelings, empower yourself and others and authentic living.

Steps to Deepening Communication

1. Learn to identify patterns and triggers that silently sabotage your relationships.

2. Practice techniques that allow you to freely communicate your feelings in effective and well-received ways.

3. Learn how to process anger, resentment and rage transforming those feelings into true strength and empowerment.

4. Practice active listening skills which enable you to listen for the feelings behind the words.

5. Practice giving and receiving empathy and compassion to yourself and others.

6. Learn how to speak to the feelings and emotions of yourself and others verses react to their 'stuff'.

7. Practice the Art of Unconditional Love of yourself and others.

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